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About You

Let's face it: you're here because you need something.

It might be a button on your website, a pop-on with the latest deal your company is offering, it might be a complete website.

That's why I'm here: to help you define what that is.

Here's my guess: you are part of a small company, say, twenty employees or less. You can't hire an IT person full-time, and can't find a temp you trust to help you define and focus your project and bring it to completion.

Or...You've gotten an estimate for your project that came back well beyond your budget.

Or...You only need a piece of your website changed, but can't find someone who won't sell you the whole package.'re a performer - musician, juggler, or God forbid, mime - looking to expand your visibility to potential gigs with a new website or video of your work.

I've worked with all those scenarios and more, and I'm looking forward to helping you. I'm not afraid to tell you to scale back, scale up, change direction, or find someone else: whatever benefits your company benefits us all, and that's the primary goal, right?

At least, I think it should be.

Whatever else, I promise to always be honest with you.


Okay, if you must know...

I've been working with computers and software since I was nine years old, and I'm not talking about writing in BASIC a DOS-based video game whose map was based on a squashed dodecahedron (which I did). Nope, at nine years old I wrote for the company Medical Information Services a contact database in a language called Databus 11 on a desk-sized Datapoint 2200 with 256Mb of hard drive.

(Neither the company nor the language exist anymore. I was nine, remember, so it's not my fault.)

Since then, I've studied under many educators and a lot of mentors, putting in training in set and lighting design for theatrical and video production; desktop programming of point of sale systems and very large database management; web-based database management; web sites; graphics design, among other creative endeavors.

Sound pretty diverse? It is, but there is a bit of overlap.

I've done work for such nationally known companies as:

  • Sprint
  • Yellow Freight
  • National Association of Insurance Commissioners

I've also done work for smaller companies and performers such as:


* In partnership with Seritas LLC, Liberty, Missouri.