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Save your memories!

Video and audio tapes are just a Mylar strip coated with a ferrous oxide, and have a maximum estimated lifetime of less than twenty years! That means the video your parents took of you graduating high school is in serious danger of signal degradation (at the very least.) And the cassette tape of your recital? Pretty much gone by now, probably.

Legal and medical professionals can benefit from this services as well, preserving trascriptions and case notes.

Save those precious recordings by converting the originals to a digital format.

Please Note:

  • All of our conversion packages that make use of compact disc or DVD use Lightscribe labeling and are returned in a windowed paper sleeve.
  • Audio CDs are limited to a maximum of 70 minutes. A conversion that has, for example, 71 minutes of audio, will require two discs.
  • Audio CDs can be created as either audio (toss it in a CD player and listen) or an MP3 collection (for play on a PC or MP3 compatible device)
  • DVDs are limited to two hours of video for each single-sided disc, four hours for double sided. A double-sided disc counts as two.
  • Video discs can be created either as DVD Video (toss it in a DVD player and watch) or as a collection of AVI video files (for editing)
  • Prices shown are for a single copy.

Audio Conversion

Fast, professional, discrete

Cassette, reel-to-reel, 8-track

Service   Description Price Per Original
Basic We take your cassette, 8 Track, or reel to reel and save the audio to compact disc as one track. $5.00
Tracks Basic + the audio is broken into tracks as appropriate. $8.00
Advanced Basic + Tracks + we listen in on the audio and remove pops and hiss1. $14.00
Advancedplus Basic + Tracks + Advanced + we equalize the audio to the finest clarity we can get1. $20.00
Additional copies: $2.00/ea


Video Conversion

Fast, professional, discrete

VHS, MiniDV, DVD >> Editable Files

Service   Description Price Per Disc
Basic - VHS/MiniDV/MiniDisc (Watchable) We take your original and save the video to DVD as one track. $20.00
Menus (Watchable) Basic + we add a menu, creating scenes as appropriate or using your own scene list. + $10.00
Video Files (Editable) The video from your DVD, VHS, or MiniDV are copied to DVD as AVI files without conversion for use in a DVD player. $10.00
Additional copies: $2.00/ea, single sided, $3.00/ea, double sided


Video Editing

How does it work?

Video editing is complex and time-consuming, let Map's Edge Media quickly and professionally edit for you! Send us your video footage and we will turn it into a high-quality movie. Available for home movies, corporate training films, product highlight videos, the possibilities are endless.

You answer a few questions about your video and send us your tapes: we'll even send you a shipping box. We can correct shaky footage (if it's not too shaky), throw out unusable footage, pick the best scenes, add music, titles, credits and special effects to create the perfect custom movie.

When your edited movie is finished you can preview it online before we send your custom DVDs. We'll also transfer your originals to DVD.

Our affordable video editing services don't just save you time, they create lasting memories and great impressions.

Service   Description Price Per Disc
Basic Original: Up to 1 hour
Final Length: 10-20 minutes
Copies: 2
Family Original: Up to 2 hours
Final Length: 21-40 minutes
Copies: 6
Premium Original: Up to 4 hours
Final Length: 40-60 minutes
Copies: 10


  • 1 Be aware that there are limits. We can't take a barely audible speech from a noisy country church and make it sound like James Earl Jones reading the Bible. We can and do promise to provide the best audio quality possible within the limits of the source material.